Bot Building Basics – Review

I recently had an opportunity to take a Bot Building Basics course being offered by Udemy. The instructor, Johnathan Lightfoot, gives you a step-by-step introduction to building your first bot. Built upon the Microsoft Bot Framework, he introduces you into the world of creating bots to assist you with repetitive tasks that can ultimately help you streamline your day-to-day processes.

So what actually is a bot? Simply put, a bot is a program that can be designed to perform various tasks. Have you ever gone to a site and a customer representative dialog opens and asks if you need help? Well surprise, you’ve encountered a chatbot!  This interactive bot can assist the user with any questions they may have while navigating through their site. If there are questions that have not been programmed into the bot, it can redirect them to a live customer service rep. Mr. Lightfoot discusses this and other types of bots that are frequently being utilized across the Internet.

With the assistance of the Azure Bot Service, he will walk you through building your first bot without any code. That’s right, you don’t need to have extensive coding experience to build your first bot! The instructions are very user-friendly and easy to understand. By the end of the course, you can have your own fully functional bot. How awesome is that?

If you are new to the Microsoft Bot Framework and looking to get familiar with bot technology, I would suggest checking out this course. The possibilities are endless. Get started today!




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