Meet the Founder

Fred Brandon is the Founder & CEO of Brand New Technologies. He is a Certified FinTech Professional, Certified Financial Education Instructor, Microsoft Certified Professional, ITIL certified, security professional, blockchain consultant, speaker, and published author. As a technologist with over 20 years of IT experience,  Fred has designed solutions and spoken at venues internationally.

Fred enjoys teaching and inspiring others in business, financial literacy, STEAM, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and children's literacy programs.


SharePoint Training

The training was excellent! The staff was patient and showed me that with Microsoft SharePoint, I could create and use list databases and existing libraries to generate automated workflows.  I was amazed at how I could create simple workflows that help with organizing and managing my data and retrieve information with ease, therefore saving time.  Additionally, the staff demonstrated how I could control access to my data, track any edits made to the data, and retrieve my data and maintain workflows while traveling because of its web-based features.

Kimberly M. Robinson

Web Design

Brand New Technologies offers excellent services! With their design ideas and recommendations, I was able to select the best strategies, products, and services for my businesses. With all that I do as an educator and entrepreneur, Brand New Technologies redesigned and restructured my content from one website into two websites. This transition organized and clarified what I do for my community, potential clients, and visitors. Now, visitors can see the wide range of products and services available. The websites are user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and aesthetically appealing. Brand New Technologies is extremely professional. They are dependable, responsive, and efficient. Currently, Brand New Technologies manages both of my websites. In the future, I will definitely use them for other tech services—business automation and training.

Dr. Tammy Francis

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